Travel to Sicily

«Without Sicily, Italy leaves no image in the soul. Sicily is the key to everything» [...] «The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the yielding reciprocity of the colours, the harmonious union of the sky with the sea and the sea with the earth… those who have seen them once, will possess them for their entire lives»

J.W.Goethe, "Viaggio in Italia", 1817

The Sunny Island

Strategically situated in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, Sicily is the major and most populated of all the islands. A fascinating land of myths and legends, bridge between east and west, an important cultural crossroads for the many peoples which followed each other across the centuries, leaving marks of their history and civilizations.

Holidays in Sicily

In our organization we consider each holiday in Sicily as a “journey” especially personalized for our Guests. Therefore we offer accomodation in villas, apartments, B&B with the opportunity to plan together all details of an unforgettable stay in Sicily according to your requirements.

A place to relax

Situated in Trappeto, on the beautiful sea of Castellammare Gulf, a few minuts to Palermo and Trapani airport, Residenza Lo Duca is the ideal resort to spend your holidays in Sicily.

Holiday Houses

Residenza Lo Duca

Residenza Lo Duca consists of different kinds of flats, all carefully furnished, combining good taste and comfort.

Residenza Lo Duca

Flats with one or two bedrooms, with living room, kitchen and shower room. Each flat is provided with air conditioning and a sheltered patio on the villa's garden.


Events and Offers

Pasqua World Festival On The Beach

Sports and live musical program "surprise", make up the formula that has made, along with the quality of content, the success of the Windsurf World Festival. The scenario of the Conca di Palermo and Mondello his crib, "expression synthesis" of Sicily, is the ideal theater, a stage on which, on time, every year there is the World Festival On The Beach.

La Kalta B&B La Kalta Bed and Breakfast

Friendly atmosphere in a pleasant and modern B&B, a few minutes from Palermo and Trapani airport.

Voli Destination Sicily

To reach our island is quick and easy. Look at the low cost airlines and all ferries.

Auriga A new layout for the Auriga of Mothya, the opening in May

The Auriga is back to the Whitaker Museum of Mothya, from the 15th of January, after a long period of absence began with the trip to London during the Olympics Games of 2012.

Palazzo Asmundo The new opening of the "Museum of Asmundo Palace"

From Sunday, April 13 2014, from 11:00 am, the opening of the Museum of Palazzo Asmundo with a visit to its spaces and its collections.