A Travel to the Sunny Island

Residenza LoDuca is located within a few Kms from the most outstanding natural, archeological and historical beauties of Sicily.

The ancient tunning-fish grounds of Scopello with its cobalt-blue water and magnificient stacks. The "Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro" (The Zingaro Nature Reserve) where you will be brought into contact with uncontaminated nature of the mediterranean scrub. The wild charm of the island of Favignana, which shrouds you with its dazzling sun reflected by its emerald sea and shores of white sands.

Where the sea ends, 25 centuries of history open before your eyes.


Small medieval town founded by Elimi. For the Romans it was the place of worship of love, with the castle of Venus where a legend says that Enea stopped during his journey to pay homage to the goddess.


The setting of the richest centuries of history that the traditions of the island remember. Some significant traces of that past are still kept today: a doric temple and theatre. The theatre of Segesta, in particular, is the place par excellence for ancient Greek an Latin dramatic performances.


The ancient antagonist of Segesta, with it's monumental ruins, the great temples which dominate from the hill, its system of roads, its houses crowding the acropolis cut by the two valleys, is one of the most beautiful and representative archeological sites of the classical civilization (VII-IV centuries b.c.) is one of the widest parks in the word.


Sicily's chief town, is the city of art by antonomasia. A melting-pot for the civilizations which followed one another within its walls: Phoenicians, Punics, Romans, Arabians, who made of Palermo one of the largest and prosperous cities of the time. After the Norman conquest, which took place in 1072, Palermo became the residence of the emperor Frederick II of Swabia, one of the greatest of all time, and developed in a literary, philosophical and scientific centre. Protagonist of a cultural revival, Palermo today is fully engaged in the process of emerging to the attention of the international reality. Today, anybody who visits Palermo will read in the air and in the stones the love of the people for beauty.