Scopello and the Natural Park of "Zingaro"

Scopello, a sixteenth-century "baglio" (from bahal: courtyard), surrounded by a few houses, a small paved square, a stone trough. Higher up towards Mount Sparagio, the wood of Scopello, once home to deer, wolves and wild boars, recalls the hunting of Ferdinando III di Borbone King of the Two Sicilies, which transformed it into a royal hunting reserve. Scene of historical events, Scopello and its territory are surrounded by an aura of mystery powered by the legends and stories of the old country.

Centuries of seafaring tradition and culture are enclosed in the tonnara di Scopello. Lovely place, steeped in history and legend. According to authoritative sources, the tuna fishing was practiced even before the advent of the Romans and extended the mythical city of Cetaria, near the "tonnara", so called because of the abundance of pelagic fish.

The latest "mattanza" in Scopello has happened in the eighties. The “Cialoma” (chanting of the tuna fishermen to increase their strength in pulling in the nets) still echoes among the warehouses that hold the equipment and boats, still in perfect working order.

Between Scopello and the S. Vito Lo Capo, is the Natural Reserve of Zingaro. Towering mountains, deep fjords, and wide valleys to the sea, are the 1600 hectares of uncontaminated nature of the park. Sheer cliffs, headlands, bays and white pebble beaches, alternating with caves following one another to the 7 km of coastline, are considered to be of great scientific interest and environmental. The reserve established in 1981, was the first protected natural area of the island; one of the few oases still intact and protected by speculation.